(2016) The Resurrection of Gavin Stone** WWE Studios
(2015) Anxietyville** A Rob Stefaniuk Production
(2013) UFC Promotions (National Advertisement) UFC / Kill the Messenger
(2012) Alcatraz*(National Advertisement) Warner Bros. Television / Fox Network
(2011) The Victim** A Michael Biehn Production
(2011) Jerusalem Countdown Pure Flix Entertainment
(2011) Griff the Invisible
(Promotional Song)****
Indomina Studios
(2011) True Legend (Promotional Song)**** Indomina Studios
(2010) What If… Pure Flix Entertainment
(2008) “Dragon” (National TV Spot) General Electric
(2006) “Kung Fu” (National TV Spot) Mountain Dew / Coca Cola
(2006) Midnight Clear Jenkins Entertainment
(2006) Broken A Walk on the Beach Productions
(2006) Monster House (Trailer) Sony Pictures / Amblin Entertainment
(2006) The O.C.* Warner Bros. Television / Fox Network
(2005) War Prayer 10 West Productions
(2005) Last Mysteries of the Titanic*** A James Cameron Production
(2005) James Cameron’s Aliens of the Deep Walt Disney Pictures / IMAX
(2004) Quest for Columbus The Discovery Network
(2003) Uptown Girls* MGM Studios
(2003) James Cameron’s
Expedition: Bismarck
The Discovery Network
(2002) Wu Lin Masters Broadway Video
(2001) Resurrestion Boulevard* Paramount Television / Showtime
(2001) Tart** Lions Gate Entertainment
(2000) See Jane Run A Doug Liman Production
(2000) EXPN X-Game (National Advertisement) Walt Disney Company
(1999) United Aritst Theatrical Opening MGM Studios
(1997) Goldwyn Film Theatrical Opening MGM Studios

**score and songs
***theme and bumpers
****as The Shadow Bureau

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