Jeehun is a singer/songwriter, producer & film composer based in Los Angeles. He was born in Korea but grew up all over the world through his teenage years, until he moved to Los Angeles from Palo Alto, where he was attending Stanford University studying Political Science and Psychology. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Jeehun first came into global recognition as a video game composer in the late 90s for immensely successful Activision games such as Mechwarrior 2, Heavy Gear & Quake, for which he won numerous accolades and garnered a widespread cult following. The Mechwarrior 2 soundtrack, along with the Mission Pack-Sequels, was a radical departure in scope and style from traditional game music, and has influenced many soundtracks since. It is still considered one of the best game soundtracks of all time.

After leaving the game industry and shifting his focus to film music, Jeehun caught the attention of director James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar) and was hired to score a number of award-winning projects like James Cameron’s Expedition Bismarck and the Disney 3D-IMAX film Aliens of the Deep, with more to come. Curious to write and experiment with different musical genres, Jeehun has also scored a handful of indie films with extreme varieties of palette, from the psychedelic folk-rock score in Broken to the gritty analog-synth score in Michael Biehn’s directorial debut The Victim. Aside from scoring for film and tv, he’s also scored many national TV commercials for clients like General Electric, Toyota and the Coca-Cola Company, among others.

Having been a singer/songwriter/performer most of his life, Jeehun never stopped working with artists, writing songs or producing records. His songs were featured in shows like The OC and Alcatraz, and under the moniker The Shadow Bureau, he and his close friend and long-time musical collaborator Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb) wrote and produced tracks that were recorded by the likes of Curt Smith (Tears for Fears) and Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk). He released a solo-record as A Matter Gray, and a video featuring the track “Shadow” from the album received close to 50 million views.

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